2024 Bajaj Freedom is world’s first CNG motorcycle

Getting its India market launch is the 2024 Bajaj Freedom, the world’s first CNG-petrol powered motorcycle. Pricing for the Freedom is listed as 110,000 Indian rupees (RM6,205), ex-showroom.

As shown in the teaser photo, the Freedom is dual-powered, with primary power coming from a Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) tank with secondary power from petrol. Both fuel sources drive an air-cooled internal combustion engine displacing 124.58 cc.

Power is rated at 9.8 PS at 8,000 rpm with 9.7 Nm of torque at 5,000 rpm. The CNG tank – nestled under the seat and cradled by the trellis frame rails – holds 12.5-litres weighing two kilograms while the fuel tank contains 2-litres.

Switching between either fuelling mode is done with a switch mounted on the left handlebar pod. Bajaj claims the Freedom will travel 200 km on CNG while petrol is meant as a “limp home” mode or reserve tank, with 130 km of range.

2024 Bajaj Freedom is world’s first CNG motorcycle

As for speed, the Freedom is limited to 90.5 km/h when using CNG and 93.4 km/h while on petrol. Uniquely designed for the Indian motorcycle market, the seat on the Freedom is long, covering the bike from just behind the handlebars and extending to the rear which Bajaj says is to “facilitate extra seating space”.

Wheel sizing on the Freedom is a little, with a 17-inch front and 16-inch, a combination rarely seen. Braking is with drum brakes front and rear while suspension is done with telescopic forks and a monoshock at the back.

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