2024 Honda CR-V – why Malaysia still gets LaneWatch instead of blind spot monitor like in other markets?

The sixth-generation Honda CR-V was launched in Malaysia recently and continues to feature the carmaker’s LaneWatch side camera system. This is different from the United States, where the SUV comes with the Blind Spot Information System (BSI), essentially Honda’s marketing name for a blind spot monitoring system.

So, why does the US-spec CR-V get BSI but the Malaysian-spec CR-V keep to LaneWatch? That was a question posed to Eisuke Sato, large project leader (LPL) of the all-new CR-V during a recent group media interview prior to the SUV’s launch.

“In other regions, we do apply BSI. However, specifically for [this] region and in Malaysia, we consider how motorbikes are often driven and in that kind of driving [environment], we believe that LaneWatch is more effective,” replied Sato.

“Because LaneWatch can actually visualise where and how many motorbikes are actually passing by, it provides the driver with a more certain situation of the bikes,” he added. We should point out that Malaysia isn’t the only country in this region to get the CR-V with LaneWatch, as it’s the same case in both Thailand, the Philippines, Vietnam, Brunei as well as Indonesia.

In a follow-up question, Sato was asked if LaneWatch is the way to go here, why doesn’t Honda use a higher definition camera so the driver is provided with a clearer video feed to spot vehicles shown in the LaneWatch system, particularly during more trying conditions.

“There are competitors who apply higher definition cameras. However, we did verify and confirm that the current spec provided for the new CR-V is sufficient to capture the presence of motorbikes. We do understand that in dark situations, especially at night and when it’s raining, it can be a little difficult to see, so we will monitor the situation and consider whether we upgrade for the next models,” he replied.

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