2024 SEO and Content Trends: Top Predictions from 27 Industry Experts

Thierry Ngutegure, Head of Data Insight at SALT

As AI shifts from its experimental stages to more widespread implementation in search, embracing constant change becomes essential. This evolution demands agile learning and adaptation, a necessity for smaller entities and industry giants like Google. The key to success lies in a cycle of testing, tweaking, and repeating.

This AI-driven approach moves us from generic strategies to tailored ones that cater to individual preferences and needs.

Take the travel industry as an example; the traditional personalization approach based on static personas is replaced by dynamic, bespoke experiences that influence travel decisions. Imagine offering customized travel recommendations encompassing safety, weather conditions, dietary needs, accessibility options, and budget considerations.

Amidst all this innovation, it’s crucial to maintain ethical standards and prioritize privacy. Responsible AI use and data handling are fundamental to building trust and credibility.

22. Authentic brands might lose traffic to AI-generated content

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