A Prayer for Understanding This Christmas – Your Daily Prayer – December 22

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A Prayer for Understanding this Christmas.
By Meg Bucher

“Like newborn babies, you must crave spiritual milk so that you will grow into a full experience of salvation. Cry out for this nourishment, now that you have had a taste of the Lord’s kindness.” – 1 Peter 2:2-3 NLT

The Holiday Season brings an expectation of family, friends, and shared experiences which lead to happy memories and cherished traditions. Though this is true for so many of us, it’s not true for all of us. The holidays can add pressure to people who have not experienced what many claim as normalcy for this time of the year. In the verses above, we are reminded of the importance of spiritual maturity. As we grow up in our faith, God is faithful to provide wisdom and insight into each individual situation. This is how we learn to see from His perspective. 

Family is important. We are all purposefully placed by a purposeful God. It’s not always easy to find or embrace those people. For multiple reasons, we often have trouble connecting with each other. If we consistently turn outward to see each other, God will faithfully allow us to see our families and friends as He does. Being a part of the family of God is the precious gift we all get to embrace this Holiday Season, no matter what our memories, traditions, or expectations are. Being God’s children is an awesome reality we are all welcome to receive through Christ Jesus. 

Let’s pray for the spiritual maturity to turn to Him and grow up in His truth and wisdom. 

We know You place people around us purposefully, but we don’t always like those people! They are not always the ones we want to spend time with. Please help us to see them through Your eyes, Father. For those who have difficult family dynamics, can You reach in as only You can and heal odd angles and mend old conflicts? Can You blanket families in forgiveness and compassion so they can enjoy each other’s company this Holiday Season and beyond?! 

Father, for those of us who do not have family around for the holidays, can You reach down in comfort and help us to reach out to the community You have surrounded us with? Give us the courage to connect and share our time and our holidays with those You have faithfully placed around us. 

Lord, cover our homes with peace this season and always. Join together families who have been separated by conflict and years of unforgiveness and bitterness. Heal friendships that have been split apart by misunderstanding and hurt. Heal in a miraculous way, God! You can! And we pray You are willing, this Holiday Season, to make it obvious the miraculous healing is by Your hand. 

Work through us as You will, Father. Let us open our doors and set our tables in great expectations of the fellowship You will bless us with this season. Bless every meal and mealtime conversation. Help clarify miscommunications and motivate apologies. Father, we pray for miraculous reconciliation between families, friends, and relationships this Holiday Season! And we pray every single movement of Your Spirit upon our lives brings You glory! Let it bring people to believe in You, Jesus. 

Help us to set aside extra time to spend in prayer, worship, and Your Word so our hearts are ready and prepared for every and all conversation and opportunity to love others in Your Name, Jesus. 

Give us the spiritual maturity we need to love You and each other obediently and willingly. 

In Jesus’ Name, Amen. 

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Meg BucherMeg writes about everyday life within the love of Christ at Joy Overflowing and Sunny&80. She is the author of “Friends with Everyone, Friendship within the Love of Christ,” “Surface, Unlocking the Gift of Sensitivity,” “Glory Up, The Everyday Pursuit of Praise,” “Home, Finding Our Identity in Christ,” and “Sent, Faith in Motion.” Meg earned a Marketing/PR degree from Ashland University but stepped out of the business world to stay home and raise her two daughters …which led her to pursue her writing passion. A contributing writer for Salem Web Network since 2016, Meg is now thrilled to be a part of the editorial team as Editor of Christian Headlines. Meg loves being involved in her community and local church, leads Bible study, and serves as a youth leader for teen girls.

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