Anupamaa November 26, 2023 Written Update: Anu Refuses Pakhi’s Demand of Rs 10 Lakhs, Kavya in Danger!

In today’s episode of Anupamaa, Anu is taken aback when she sees a cheque of 10 lakhs and questions Pakhi about the need for such a large sum. Pakhi reveals her intention to use the money to start a makeover and fashion studio. Anupama, however, insists on a formal proposal before considering the investment. Anuj intervenes, advising Pakhi to stop her outburst and present a formal proposal for review. In a no-nonsense manner, he states his verdict on Pakhi’s loan. While Pakhi agrees to submit the proposal, Anupama remains uneasy about something. Anupamaa November 25, 2023 Written Update: Anu Advises Dimpy To Trust Herself, Anuj Scolds Malti Devi and Barkha for Mistreating Leela-Hasmukh!

During a business discussion with Anuj, Anupama expresses her distrust in Pakhi’s ability to handle responsibilities sensibly. Anuj encourages Anupama to give Pakhi a chance to prove herself. Anupama reflects on Pakhi’s pride in being a part of the Kapadia family, and Anuj playfully admits to falling deeper in love.

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Meanwhile, Hasmukh arrives as Kavya and Dimpy prepare to visit the doctor. He losses his attention while chatting with a neighbour and unknowingly leaves the gas knob open. Leela witnesses Pakhi arguing about her business and feels a sense of pride.

Later, Anupama assures Chhoti Anu that she won’t forget her even after the arrival of the babies. Hasmukh suddenly realises that he left the gas knob open and Anupama tries to urgently warn Kavya, fearing for her safety. The episode concludes with Anupama rushing to the Shah mansion to prevent a potential disaster.

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