Deep Purple Rocks Bangalore With Guitarist Simon McBride

After playing with Deep Purple and its members on and off for several years, singer-guitarist Simon McBride says it’s incredible to officially be a part of the band that was such a big part of his growing up years. The Irish singer-guitarist joined Deep Purple officially last year as a replacement for Steve Morse. He is set to perform in Bangalore on Saturday and Sunday with members Ian Gillan, Ian Paice, Don Airey and Roger Glover for BookMyShow Live’s newest IP, Bandland. McBride, who has never been to India and hopes to soak in the culture briefly during his short trip to the country, said Deep Purple’s music has always been a huge influence, not just on him, but on music lovers all over the world. “They’ve influenced me over the years. I learned their songs when I was a kid so it’s incredible for me to be a part of that. I never ever thought or believed that my name would be attached to Deep Purple but now it is. I treat them like we’re playing in a normal pub band or something,” McBride told PTI in an interview. Rolling Stones Band Rock New York City With Lady Gaga at Surprise Club Gig!.

The Belfast-born guitarist also counts Led Zeppelin and Black Sabbath among his influences. A talented guitarist, McBride mastered a guitar when he was just nine and was named ‘The Guitarist of the Year’ by Guitarist magazine when he was just 15-year-old. The musician said all the band members get along well because of their shared love for music. “It is what keeps them going and I’m exactly the same. I’ve played with them all at several times or several points over the years. I get along with them and get free reign to do whatever I want, there are no barriers,” he said. Deep Purple was formed in 1968 and has withstood many changes over the years with new members replacing old artists. Paice is the last remaining original member from band’s foundation days.

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McBride, 44, believes the secret to Deep Purple’s longevity lies in its songs be it “Smoke on the Water”, “Hush”, “Highway Star” or “Perfect Strangers”. These songs have stayed in people’s consciousness. “If you write a good song or a great song, it will last forever. Why do people still buy all the Beatles records? Because it’s great music. It’s the same with Deep Purple,” he said. “The reason Deep Purple is so big and sought after is because the songs are brilliant and when you write one of the most played guitar riffs on the planet, that says it all,” he added. Record players and cassettes have now given way to streaming and McBride said he finds it strange that there are people who don’t listen to any kind of music.

“I meet people on the streets who don’t listen to music. I just look at social media or look at whatever tech talk. It’s a strange existence for me because I grew up in that world of listening to music all the time. And when I speak to people who wouldn’t have a clue what a guitar is, it’s bizarre. Sometimes it worries me,” he said. Touring different countries gives him hope as he gets to meet young audiences who are fan of their music, having inherited the love for their from parents. “We played in South America and when you’re playing in front of 60,000 people and the majority of those people are kids, (it gives you hope). And it’s like, okay, so it’s different territories. People are still more into music than others,” he said. Johnny Depp’s Hard Rock Supergroup Hollywood Vampires All Set for US Tour.

It is not easy to be away from family and children for long stretches of time but touring is an important aspect of a musician’s life. McBride said the idea is to have fun without any egos involved while touring and that’s what they do. “It’s hard being away, especially from a family but it’s what I set out to do when I was 10 years of age. In the music industry, you don’t know how long things are going to last for. Sometimes you got to take it while it’s there and just ride that wave. Hopefully, it goes for a while because at the end of the day, things could all come crashing down and you just don’t know what happens,” he said.


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