How to clean log burner glass instantly without any cleaning sprays

Log burners are an excellent way to heat your home for less, however, some find them a pain to clean – especially when it comes to the glass panel.

Wood burner flames can, over time, cause soot and other deposits to form as stains on the glass window.

This can make it difficult for you to see what’s going on in the fireplace and can also reduce the stove’s efficiency.

To tackle the task “quickly” the UK’s largest specialist producer of premier kiln-dried firewood, Certainly Wood, has shared a video on TikTok on how to clean log burner glass.

Before getting into the cleaning tip, it is vital to ensure that the stove has completely cooled down first. This will prevent the cleaner from evaporating too rapidly and will make it possible for it to penetrate the soot and other deposits more efficiently.

What’s more, if water is used on hot log burner glass, the thermal shock could crack or shatter the glass. Even though stoves with ceramic glass won’t shatter, don’t risk it in case the wood stove glass in your unit is not ceramic.

To protect yourself from dust and other materials which could cause irritation, you may also want to put on gloves, a face mask and protective goggles.

Once the stove has cooled, households will need some old newspaper or wrapping paper and some ash. The video was captioned: “Get that log burner sparkling with this cleaning hack! Let the glow show.”

The expert said: “Here’s a quick tip on how to make the glass clean on your log burner in an instant – no need for any sprays, just simply use ash in your fireplace.”

Starting off by getting a piece of old wrapping paper, the expert dipped it in a bowl of water and dipped the paper into the ash.

The next step was to simply wipe the glass down. As the expert did this, the dark brown stains were wiped away immediately with ease and there was no need to scrub.

There’s no set schedule for cleaning your wood burner as it really does depend on how often you use it. With the weather hitting single figures, households probably have it on more and more.

If this is the case, the ashes should be removed every one or two days. If it’s used less often, the less it needs cleaning.

The inside of your wood burner should be cleaned every four to six weeks if it’s used regularly.

When it comes to the glass stove door, you’ll easily see when it needs to be cleaned. That’s when you no longer have a clear view of the flames inside.

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