How to clean tile grout without bleach using ‘clear winner’ cleaning product

Tiles are an appealing and durable option for walls and flooring, particularly in bathrooms and kitchens. 

Thanks to their timeless style and easy-clean surface, tiles are a popular choice in all kinds of homes, but unfortunately, the grout that lies between them can become dirty and discoloured over time.

But why does dirt seem to cling to grout? Grout is a mixture of sand and water – a porous material that makes it easy for liquids to pass through and dirt to collect over time. 

Although it looks great when new, unfortunately, it’s easy for grout to become dirty and discoloured, especially if you’ve had your tiles for a while.

Although removing this dirt can be difficult, it’s certainly not impossible. With the right method and a bit of elbow grease, you can get your floor or wall tile grout looking as good as new.

@beehasadhd captioned her TikTok video: “Rating four different cleaning hacks for cleaning grout.” She noted that one of them “came out on top”.

She said: “Today I tried four different ways of cleaning the grout on my tile floors – and I’m going to show you what worked the best.”

1. Hydrogen peroxide solution

The cleaning enthusiast first tried a trick she saw doing the rounds on TikTok where you mix two parts hydrogen peroxide with one part baking soda and a squirt of dish soap.

Bee poured this solution on the grout and allowed it to sit for one minute before scrubbing it away. This took 25 seconds to give results. She rated this three out of five for effectiveness, but only two out of five overall.

Bee said: “You can see that it is lighter than it was before, but I think this method might be specifically for mould on grout.”

2. Bar Keepers Friend 

Next, she tried Bar Keepers Friend Power Cleaner Spray. Bee sprayed this stuff on the grout and immediately started scrubbing.

Just like with the previous method, she scrubbed the grout for 25 seconds before wiping it away. Bee said: “This worked a bit better than the hydrogen peroxide solution, but it was a lot more messy and I couldn’t really see what I was doing while I was scrubbing.”

Bee rated this method four out of five for its effectiveness, but three out of five overall because of the mess it made.

3. Toilet bowl cleaner 

Bee then tested out toilet bowl cleaner to remove tile grout dirt. She potted this method on TikTok.

After applying the product to the grout, she let it sit for one minute before scrubbing. Bee only scrubbed for 20 seconds with this method before wiping it away because “it was making a huge mess” on her wall.

She claimed that this method seemed to “work as well as the Bar Keepers Friend” and “it required less scrubbing”.

Bee rated this method four out of five for its effectiveness but deducted two points because of the mess it causes and that you have to let it sit before scrubbing.

4. The Pink Stuff paste

At last, she went in with the Pink Stuff paste. Bee claimed that with this method she only had to scrub for 16 seconds because she could see that it was “working really well”.

After wiping down the grout with a wet cloth, Bee said: “I could see that it was definitely the clear winner out of the bunch. 

The grout looked much lighter and this required a lot less time and work.” She rated this method five out of five for its effectiveness.

The Pink Suff Paste can be picked up from The Range for £1.49 or from Sainsbury’s for £1.50.


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