How to remove dandelions from lawns instantly without digging or any chemicals

Weeds are very common in lawns and one type found in particular is dandelions.

Although their name sounds sweet and innocent, they’re anything but that. Dandelions can reproduce from their taproot, which can reach over three feet deep in the soil, as well as from their seeds.

This is why they’re such a difficult weed to control. If you follow some of these simple methods, you can prevent these pesky weeds from taking over your grass.

However, there are several methods for removing lawn weeds “swiftly and with minimal effort”, according to gardening expert Harry Bodell at

While many gardeners would flock to using a weed killer as it is the “quickest and easiest” method, Harry warned that it does have harmful effects on the beneficial insects in your garden.

Instead, the gardening expert recommended gardeners use an “instant” method that doesn’t even require digging.

He said: “If you want to avoid chemicals altogether, you can get rid of weeds instantly and with no digging using the right tools.”

The “right tool” in question is a dandelion remover which “looks a bit like a screwdriver with a forked prong on the end”. 

Harry explained: “This is ideal for removing deep-rooted weeds from your lawn without leaving unsightly holes.”

Push the tool into the ground and lever slightly. The expert added: “Your weed and root should come straight out with no need for digging or pulling hard.”

For those gardeners “constantly battling the lawn weeds”, Harry claimed that “mowing at the right height should stop them”. 

He warned: “Cutting your grass too short leaves bare patches and this gives weeds room to grow. So, set your blade height higher.”

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