‘I’m an engineer – homeowners can save money on bills by putting a brick in their toilet’

As the cost of living continues, many homeowners are taking practical steps to save money on their energy bills.

But while saving money on gas and electricity bills may be at the forefront of most people’s minds, many homeowners forget about their water bills.

With this in mind, gas engineer Daniel Khanlarpour, who has been a gas engineer for 16 years, has shared a simple hack that could save some homeowners money on their water bills.

Mr Khanlarpour, known as the Gas Guru, is also a verified member of Checkatrade.

The gas engineer told The Sun that those with older toilets can save money on their water bills by placing a brick in the toilet cistern.

In theory, placing a brick in the toilet cistern will reduce water consumption which will save money.

Before flushing an old toilet, the water fills up in the tank to the higher water-level line.

When the toilet is flushed, the water then drains down to the lower water-level line.

Then, the tank slowly starts to fill up again until it reaches the higher water-level line once again.

Mr Khanlarpour said putting a clean house brick in the cistern will make the tank’s capacity smaller which will reduce the amount of water used during each flush.

He explained: “Every time the cistern fills it will use less water – but only on older larger cisterns as newer ones have more delicate components inside.”

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