Indonesia greenlights Daihatsu shipments to resume

The latest episode of Daihatsu’s safety test irregularity situation looks like it could end up shortlived, as there are reports that shipments to Indonesia have resumed.

According to a report by The Japan Times, Indonesian authorities confirmed the safety of the cars and greenlit resumption of shipments. Daihatsu is the #2 car brand in Indonesia, with Toyota being the #1.

Locally, both Daihatsu’s partner Perodua as well as Toyota distributor UMW Toyota Motor issued statements that they are doing a detailed assessment on the matter and are discussing with authorities.

Earlier this week, MBMR shares plunged to a low of RM4.12 from a high of RM4.59 as the market reacted to the news, but seems to be on a path of recovery already, closing the week at RM4.31.

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