Lauren Veca’s ‘Versace’ Rainbow Cookies Recipe

One of an Italian bakery’s most beloved creations, this tricolor treat stacks three layers of red, green and white (or pale yellow) cake to resemble the Italian flag, then smears the top with melted chocolate. Before diving into these beautiful, colorful cookies, however, note that rainbow cookies are a bit “equipment-intensive,” often requiring two mixing bowls (one for batter, one for egg whites), three cake pans and a small pot for melting chocolate. Despite all of the stuff and the steps, they are really pretty easy to make — and so delightful.

It helps to weigh the dough and divide by weight rather than wing it by sight, for consistent layers. Be sure not to overmix with the egg whites to ensure height for your cake; you want as much height for each layer as possible. Garibaldina Society member Lauren Veca’s cookies were dubbed “Versace cookies” by her nephew given how “fancy” and luxurious they are; they call for raspberry jam, which is traditional, though other flavors such as orange or apricot could make a fine substitute.

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