New twin study reveal the benefits of a vegan diet in as little as eight weeks | Science | News

A new study conducted by Stanford University in California reveals the full benefits of a vegan diet — including improved cardiovascular health.

The study researched 22 pairs of identical twins — twins that are genetically identical in every way — and observed how one followed an omnivore diet, while the other followed a vegan diet.

The reason this control was put into place is because while previous research has indeed concluded that eating less meat does result in better cardiovascular health, other factors — mostly tied to genetics and environment — can lead to variations in the results.

So, with an identical twin study, factors involving genetics are removed.

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However, even despite this variable being removed, the results were still the same: a vegan diet improves cardiovascular health.

“Not only did this study provide a groundbreaking way to assert that a vegan diet is healthier than the conventional omnivore diet, but the twins were also a riot to work with,” said Christopher Gardner, PhD, the Rehnborg Farquhar Professor and a professor of medicine.

“They dressed the same, they talked the same and they had a banter between them that you could have only if you spent an inordinate amount of time together.”

“Our study used a generalizable diet that is accessible to anyone, because 21 out of the 22 vegans followed through with the diet,” he continued. “This suggests that anyone who chooses a vegan diet can improve their long-term health in two months, with the most change seen in the first month.”

Vegans also saw an improvement in their fasting insulin, decreasing their chances for diabetes.

They also saw a drop in their saturated fats and overall body weight.

“Based on these results and thinking about longevity, most of us would benefit from going to a more plant-based diet,” Gardner said.

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