No JPJ saman discounts under Anthony Loke’s watch – fines are to educate; unfair to those who pay early

Many were expecting JPJ to also have saman discounts at the recent ‘One-year with Madani government’ event but transport minister Anthony Loke remained consistent on not giving discounts for summonses.

Loke said that the transport ministry, which the road transport department is under, has adopted the policy of no discounts since 2018, when he was heading the ministry from 2018 to 2020. The Seremban MP said that summonses are a form of education, and giving discounts is unfair to those who pay their dues on time.

“We’ve had this policy since 2018 when I was the transport minister. Then, I also cancelled over RM4 million of AES camera saman as a one-off, and it received good response. We want to send a message to the public that saman is to educate. If we give discounts, it’s not fair to those who paid theirs within the set period,” he said at the event in Bukit Jalil, reported by Bernama.

Loke added that JPJ, as the agency responsible for road safety, will no compromise on this issue, and the cabinet and chief secretary to the government Tan Sri Mohd Zuki Ali have been informed on the matter.

“Yesterday, I found that people came to JPJ’s counter (at the event) to get saman discounts and they were disappointed, and I apologise for the misunderstanding on the issue,” Loke said. Some must have assumed that JPJ would be giving discounts at the event, just like PDRM with its 50% offer. The police are under the home ministry.

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