Porsche and Aston Martin preview upcoming models with next-generation Apple CarPlay – launch in 2024

At last year’s Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC), Apple gave us a preview of the next-generation CarPlay, which will more deeply integrate with a car’s hardware and can be spread out across multiple displays instead of just taking over the infotainment screen.

This new CarPlay is meant to provide a more cohesive design experience, with vehicle functions such as media and climate controls being handled directly from CarPlay. Depending on the vehicle, CarPlay can even tie into the instrument cluster and allow for a range of personalisation options.

Recently, the company revealed that Porsche and Aston Martin will be among the first brands to adopt this overhauled system, with both previewing the bespoke CarPlay interface that’ll feature in its upcoming models. As you can see, the theme is unique to each carmaker, with Porsche’s version featuring three circular gauges in the digital instrument cluster.

Meanwhile, the central media screen is where you’ll find the main CarPlay controls along with a dedicated row of on-screen buttons at the base for controlling the car’s climate system. Look closely and you’ll also notice the background wallpaper is designed to resemble the Porsche’s houndstooth seat pattern, which is duplicated for the screen on the passenger side.

Porsche and Aston Martin preview upcoming models with next-generation Apple CarPlay – launch in 2024

Aston Martin’s take on the new CarPlay is noticeably different, as its instrument cluster has just two dials flanking a central information display, with the tachometer carrying the text “Handbuilt in Great Britain” along the rim.

The central screen in Aston Martin’s mock-up does somewhat mimic the current CarPlay that we know, but with the addition of a dedicated button on the status button that brings up a menu to change climate settings.

Based on the layout, this looks to be the interior of the DB12, and Car and Driver reports that the infotainment in the grand tourer and its convertible equivalent will support Apple’s next-generation CarPlay. For now, there’s no word on when Porsche will do the same for its cars.

As with the current CarPlay, an iPhone is required to share app-related data, but driving-specific data will be pulled from the host vehicle. The report points out that connected iPhones will not store or track data sourced from the vehicle.

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