Proton Operational Excellence initiative introduced to ‘level up’ service centres, build customer trust in brand

Proton has introduced the Proton Operational Excellence (POE) initiative to enhance customer satisfaction. The carmaker says that this ‘meticulous strategy’ aims to improve the performance of Proton’s service centres nationwide, which in turn will increase customer trust.

Starting with 13 pilot outlets, POE will integrate into 3S and 4S facilities outlets nationwide in stages. “We at Proton are dedicated to ensuring a premium level of service for every customer – from their first step into our dealerships, through the purchasing process and during subsequent service visits,” said Roslan Abdullah, CEO of Proton Edar.

Proton says that POE reflects its dedication to aftersales operational efficiency and service quality. Focus areas include adherence to high-quality service processes, technician competencies, future Dealer Management System (DMS) integration and fostering trust in the brand.

Strategies include securing preferred appointment dates and aligning service processes with customer needs. Technician development is also central to POE, with comprehensive training programs ensuring continuous skill elevation. This initiative equips technicians with advanced knowledge, keeping them at the forefront of automotive technology for efficient resolution of issues.

“Proton has already undergone major transformations, with network rationalisation and parts warehouse expansion. Our comprehensive network rationalisation ensures optimal coverage, being the largest 3S/4S network of 155 outlets, we are well-positioned to meet and exceed customer expectations,” said Roslan, who is also Proton’s deputy CEO.

Parts availability is an infamous issue with Proton, and the company is hard at work in improving the situation. “Our increased warehouse capacities have significantly reduced lead time delivery by at least 30%, enabling us to store more parts, streamline order processing, handle overseas shipments, and maintain larger stocks of critical items for quicker customer repairs,” Roslan explained.

“It’s our way of saying we’re here for you, ready to keep you on the road with minimal disruption. We’ve strategically opened two new warehouses in Peninsular Malaysia, along with a new warehouse in East Malaysia, Kuching and soon to be launched Kota Kinabalu, catering to parts demand and supply in that region,” he added.

Aside from operational enhancements, Proton is also empowering the dealer network in POE. The company mentions open communication channels, collaborative efforts, one-to-one coaching sessions, and the sharing best practices among dealerships as moves to strengthen the dealer network. There will also be reward and recognition schemes that acknowledge dealers for outstanding customer service, celebrating milestones and instances where dealers go above and beyond.

Proton says that customer preferences are diverse when it comes to aftersales, and it caters to both the busy and the laid-back with fast service options and cozy waiting area with cafes.

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