Proton S70 to have enough spare parts – new measures put in place to ensure stock availability

Proton has assured S70 buyers that there will be enough spare parts for the sedan as it has implemented new measures to ensure stock availability. This was revealed by Wan Hazran Wan Mustafa, Proton’s aftersales director, during a press conference at the launch of the S70 earlier this week.

“[We have taken] significant action to improve parts supply and also our warehouse capacity. We have opened a new regional parts centre in Sarawak. Besides that, we also expanded our central region warehouses to store more parts. We also streamlined our order processing to handle overseas shipments and maintain a larger stock of critical items for quicker repairs,” said Wan Hazran.

“Additionally, we have launched the Proton Operational Excellence (POE) programme. This is to level up our dealer operation management capability. In this programme, the dealer will be evaluated based on six focus areas, which are performance, customer satisfaction, parts management, customer management, manpower and compliance,” he added.

“With this platform, the dealer will be evaluated to deliver the best customer satisfaction. This has been a challenge for us to give our best commitment in our ability to address all the challenges promptly and professionally. In this case, we are improving our aftersales, especially for parts supply and so far, I believe there are not much issues on part supply. This is our commitment to all Proton customers that we are improving to be the best in aftersales,” Wan Hazran ended.

Proton S70 to have enough spare parts – new measures put in place to ensure stock availability

The issue of spare parts availability was widely reported over the past two years, with customers having to wait a long time to get their vehicles repaired or serviced – the matter even caught the interest of the transport ministry in 2022.

In the time since reports of Proton’s lack of spare parts availability surfaced, the carmaker has worked hard to address the issue by requiring its dealers to have a minimum number of months holding stock of fast-moving parts – this was announced in March last year.

The POE programme mentioned by Wan Hazran was launched later on in November 2022 for better aftersales excellence, and in February this year, Proton launched a new regional parts centre (also mentioned by Wan Hazran) in Kuching to reduce lead time for parts in East Malaysia by 30%.

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