Ripple IPO May Be Delayed, Crypto Pundit Gives Reasons Why

Crypto Pundit, Dushyant Shahrawat has suggested that the decline in the global financial technology companies may result in a delay in the highly anticipated Ripple IPO. 

FinTech Challenges May Push Back Ripple IPO Timeline

An XRP community member, Crypto Eri has shared details about Ripple IPO’s timeline in a post on X (formerly Twitter). The X post briefly shed light on a recent interview on NASDAQ Trade Talks, between global markets Reporter, Jill Malandrino and investment banker at Rosenblatt Securities, Dushyant Shahrawat.

When asked about his views on the current state of the financial technology industry, Shahrawat emphasized the declining performance of some major fintech companies. He mentioned companies like Block which had experienced major declines this year and saw its shares dropping more than 80% from its all-time high.

Shahrawat has stated that the underperformance of these fintech companies could result in a delay for cryptocurrencies scheduled to go public. He mentioned prominent names like Circle and Ripple, which had declared its intentions to initiate an IPO by 2024. 

“You can walk the hallways here, you’ve got Circle, Ripple, all the private fintech companies, unicorns, that were waiting in the wings to go public. That time frame (to IPO) got pushed back a little bit, quite a bit,” Shahrawat stated in the interview. 

Despite financial specialists predicting an early 2024 launch for the Ripple IPO, Shahrawat has hinted that a minor delay might be in store, at least until the bearish trend in the fintech sector shows signs of recovery. 

IPO Delay Amidst Regulatory Actions

A blockchain researcher and XRP community member, Collin Brown has also highlighted reasons contributing to Ripple’s IPO delay. Brown has disclosed that the present market conditions and the intensified regulatory scrutiny on Binance are the driving forces behind the postponement of Ripple’s IPO. 

“The Ripple IPO is being delayed due to market circumstances, as well as the need for the SEC and BlackRock to crack down on Binance. Now that the path is clear, they will likely prepare for another correction. This will allow Wall Street giants to buy Bitcoin and XRP at lower prices,” Brown said. 

The researcher has also stated that the price of XRP could be pushed toward $50 soon. This prediction is based on the potential approval of Bitcoin ETFs by the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). 

“Former NYSE President believes a Bitcoin ETF will attract a flood of money into the industry. Easier access to BTC will likely drive adoption and investment. Once the bitcoin ETF is approved, the XRP ETF will follow suit, pushing the price to $50 per XRP,” Brown said.

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