Tesla Model 3 Highland pre-configured available inventory now listed on Tesla Malaysia website

Tesla Malaysia now has a page listing available pre-configured brand new available inventory of Tesla Model 3 Highland on its website.

We did a quick check and there are 16 cars available at time of publishing, ranging from a white RWD with no ticked options priced at RM189k all the way up to a blue LR with upgraded Nova wheels, white interior for RM235,500. You can click here to view the full inventory.

If you want your own specs with all the most expensive available options checked, you can still do so as a custom configuration order. At this time that would be an Ultra Red Model 3 LR model with Nova wheels and white interior, a config which isn’t listed as being in stock.

How fast can you get these cars registered upon ordering one? Best you enquire with Tesla as we don’t actually know if these cars are physically here yet – they might be a list of unbooked cars on the next shipment on the way from Shanghai to Malaysia.

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