The Best Home Buying Stories of 2023: Our Favorites from The Hunt

This year has been a special one for The Hunt, which widened its lens to capture more stories about home buyers across the country (and the world!), but always with one foot planted firmly in its hometown, New York City. From a trailer home in Palm Springs, Calif., to a modern ranch in Bay Hill, Fla., and a brownstone in Brooklyn, we served up a variety of locations, price points and experiences. Here’s a look at some favorite entries from 2023, from least to most expensive.

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Aiming to be her “own advocate” and save on commission fees, a schoolteacher dived into the real estate game and emerged with her first single-family home. Here’s how she did it.

Two decades of living below her means and socking away money paid off when a longtime Harlem renter went looking for the right one-bedroom. But first she had to figure out what the right one-bedroom looked like.

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