Woman plans to divorce her husband over Amazon Christmas present

On the social media platform Mumsnet, a woman with username @bottledants explained: “I went to Amazon and used my husband’s account as he has Prime. I then see there is a book there my husband has ordered which must be for me, and for Christmas.”

@bottledants explained that she was very interested in the book’s subject before but “not for a decade”, and that her husband should also know that she doesn’t read because “I don’t have time to read books”.

“I would have more time to read books if my husband shared an equal load of family chores. But when I mention this to my husband he angrily argues that he does everything and I do nothing.”

She went on to complain that her husband doesn’t pay any attention to who she is and what her life is like.

The woman continued: “I don’t want to read this f*** book, it’s just a reminder that he is utterly uninterested in me and can’t be bothered to learn anything about me.”

The Mumsnet user asked other members if she should “divorce him”. Interestingly, some explained a Christmas gift was the reason why they divorced their partners.

One woman explained: “A bar of chocolate broke the camel’s back in our marriage… I am a Cadbury lover only. Nobody has ever seen me buy or eat Galaxy.

“My husband came home with a huge bar. Eight years together, but he thought I might have just fancied some. He is my ex-husband nowadays. It really can be the small things.”

One user commented: “Sounds like you should reconsider your relationship. The book is obviously the straw which broke the camel’s back. Get him a divorce for Christmas.”

The woman replied: “I think I should too. I think having to do everything myself would be easier than the emotional burden of thinking I have someone else to help out who keeps letting me down.”

Other users advised her to return the book, but she explained that she will “throw it in the bin” as soon as she gets it.

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