Choose your career series: 5 trending career options for humanities students

There was a time when students who opted for the humanities stream in their class 12th would worry about which profession would suit their interests. Perhaps, the situation is not so uncommon in the current times too. There has somehow been a misconception that the career options for students pursuing humanities are limited, as compared to other streams such as science and commerce, a reason why most students would often end up not opting for the former.

5 trending career options for humanities students (Pixabay)

However, there is some good news – times are changing and so are the choices of students. It would not at all be surprising to agree that humanities (also called Arts) is becoming widely popular among students not only because of its relatively lesser complex components but also for the range of career options it has to offer to students who want to achieve big in life. In other words, humanities courses can lead students to high-end salary jobs.

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Dr Mayuri Pathak, former Assistant Professor at the University of Science and Technology, Meghalaya (USTM), said “A humanities degree can lead to a variety of fulfilling careers. Jobs in marketing, law, psychology, international relations, academia, mass media, and hospitality are among the employment opportunities.”

“Humanities students can pursue careers in some of the most fascinating and sought-after fields, including editing, multimedia work, digital marketing strategy, foreign language proficiency, art direction, graphics design, event management, civil service, copywriting, technical writing, and much more,” she added.

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Now, understanding that the range of career prospects in the humanities stream is vast, we have listed out some of the most interesting professions that experts say must be considered by students as these are not only well-paying but also hold immense value to society.

1. Law studies

In the recent decade, Law has become an increasingly popular profession among young students. This is one field that students opting for humanities have largely been attracted to because of its demand across different sectors. Almost any organization – whether private or public – has a legal cell today. Pursuing law as a career option will enable students to assist individuals, businesses, non-profit organizations, and the government in avoiding legal issues. Choices also include Corporate Counsel, Indian Legal Services, or also teaching law in colleges.

Nashrat Majid, a law teacher from Guwahati, said, “As a student of humanities myself, I have realized that opting for law as a career has helped me in so many ways. Pursuing law is particularly easy for humanities students as they get to deal with important subjects such as international laws and human rights, which they already have been introduced to in their +2 years, at a much deeper level.”

2. Journalism and Mass Communication

Another interesting career option for humanities students is in the field of journalism and mass- communication. Fortunately, most colleges in India today give due importance to mass communication wherein students opting for the course are trained to pass on information to the audience using various media platforms, including radio, television, newspapers, magazines, and social media. On the other hand, Journalism allows individuals to collect and provide news to the public. Opting Journalism and Mass Communication as a profession would open multiple avenues for students. These include advertising, public relations, and content creation among others.

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3. Financial services

Financial Services is yet another interesting career option for those with a major in economics. The term finance is not limited to the commerce stream – those pursuing humanities too can have a career in line with various financial fields if they have a degree in economics. Choices in this sector include working in banking and research firms, policy-making, financial consultancies, and even in government sectors.

4. Psychology

Given that there has been a rapid rise in mental stress among individuals, the need for psychologists has been growing by the day. Not just schools and colleges, but even organizations today are paying much-needed attention to mental health and hiring psychologists to ensure the well-being of their employees. Psychology as a subject holds immense value today, and students pursuing it as a career option stand a chance to excel enormously. Many components of psychology relate to an individual’s daily life. These include clinical psychology, child psychology, sports psychology, rehabilitative psychology, life coaching, and more.

5. Graphic design

It can be said without an iota of doubt that we are living in a digital world. Almost everything in our day-to-day lives is gradually transcending the digital world. From shopping to marketing – you name it. Everything is available on digital platforms. Perhaps, this is one of the many reasons why companies today are increasingly hiring graphic designers who can beautifully attract the audience on the internet and otherwise through their art.

The role of graphic designers today is of utmost importance as they have the skills to convert an idea into visually appealing content. Therefore, graphic design becomes another interesting career option for students who are creative as well as passionate about art and photography.

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