Shiba Inu Sees Massive $300 Billion Transfer

Surprisingly, unknown whales have managed to move 300 billion Shiba Inu tokens from Binance in one big swoop. The reason for such a significant transfer is questionable given the sheer size of this token migration.

Everyone in the cryptocurrency community is wondering who the address owner is and what they’re up to after this unusual move sent shockwaves across the ecosystem.

Examining the wallet’s past activity in more detail indicates a pattern of major purchases from Binance that occurred over a few weeks prior to this noteworthy transfer.

Shiba Inu Whale Surge: Decoding The Unexpected Spike On Binance

Now, the question is: Who is responsible for this enormous transfer?

Verified in the immutable ledger of the blockchain, the transaction hash attests to the successful transfer. Despite being a cost-effective maneuver, with a transaction charge of only $3.73, it signifies a substantial change in the meme coin’s distribution.

The recent whale accumulation of SHIB is unexpected considering that the volume of major transactions on the chain has supposedly decreased by 90% since early November.

SHIB market cap currently at $4.925 billion on the daily chart:

SHIB Downtrend Sparks Speculation: Unpacking Strategic Moves

Over the previous few months, Shiba Inu has experienced frequent losses. There have been rumors circulating that many SHIB holders are losing money. As of this writing, the price of Shiba Inu is $0.000008, down 1.0% in the last 24 hours.

Market observers have interpreted this as an indication that the market is gradually shifting from Shiba Inu to other cryptocurrency coins.

The aforementioned movement of SHIB has demonstrated activity in recent weeks with a trend of significant purchases from Binance.

This pattern points to a potential source of strategic amassing that could affect the coin’s value: provisioning of liquidity, investments, or even planning for additional token burns.

For the purpose of increasing scarcity and maybe influencing the coin’s value, token burns—the purposeful destruction of a portion of the cryptocurrency supply—have become a popular practice in some crypto projects.

Shiba Inu whale stockpiling is essential to the cryptocurrency’s ability to sustain upward movements. SHIB may benefit from this most recent action, but more could be needed to maintain the meme-coin’s momentum moving ahead.

Source: Etherscan

In other unexpected news, Upbit, the top cryptocurrency exchange in South Korea, saw a surge in Shiba Inu (SHIB) tokens today, amounting to an astounding 84 billion SHIB, or more than $700,000.

The movements of today are noteworthy because they make up more than 25% of the SHIB volume on Upbit. This has raised suspicions regarding the intentions of the exchange and whether the large Korean CEX is getting ready for a big development involving Shiba Inus.

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