Interiors expert shares best colour trend for your home in 2024

A new year spells new beginnings and for many homeowners January 2024 will be a great time to revamp and redecorate. 

Enter 2024 with the most up-to-the-minute, fashionable interiors out there with Livingetc’s top colour tips.

For Livingetc, a magazine centring around modern home design and style, Roddy Clarke advised that some colours might give your home a “fresh new appeal”. You can buy furniture or decorations in these colours, or grab a brush and start painting with it.

He stated: “Color trends for 2024 are focused on uplifting tones that can impact and influence the mood of anyone who walks into the room.

“Whether it’s about creating spaces that feel happy and joyful, or calming and relaxing, it’s all about mood.” 

The design writer and enthusiast claimed that light pink could be a colour of the moment come 2024 for any budding interior designers out there.

He explained that light pink “is the way to go”. Not only is it super light and pretty, it doesn’t clash with other colours.

Roddy said: “This tone has been around for a while and plays the perfect companion to almost all tones, sometimes even working as a neutral. Plus, many colors go with light pink, making it an easy-to-use shade.”

As discussed in the Livingetc piece, 22 Interiors’ Lucie Ayres believes that “pale or light pink is the winner in terms of popularity”.

It’s still going strong after centuries of use in the world of home decoration. She revealed that it was used in this sphere as far back as the 1700s. She described it as “timeless”.

Light pink is not a colour that works in the day but falls short at night, either. Roddy explained that it works in shadow or bright light and at any time during the day. It’s not a colour you’ll get tired of fast or regret.

Similar to pink is lavender, another colour which can be complemented by many others. Lucie said: “Lavender just feels good. It’s soothing like a blue and also has the moodiness of a purple. The most underused color in my opinion.”

Another colour that is set to take over homes in 2024 is “warm” and “inviting” rust. Rust has the power to make an interior cosier whilst reminding the inhabitants of the outdoors.

Pistachio is another popular colour of the moment, a “gentle” green as opposed to deeper hues. The retro colour creates a “happy” and peaceful space, not to mention it’s light and airy.

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